Baked Cure 81 Ham

Baked Cure 81 Ham

Recipe by Barbara Bach


Prep time




I always brought a Cure 81 Ham to holiday dinners when my dad was living. He didn’t care for turkey. This is for you, Dad!

Ham is not just for the holidays, though. I keep ham on hand for omelets, that I make the night before, for my husband to warm up in the mornings. I divide each ham into thirds and freeze each chunk in Rubbermaid containers.


  • 4 lb Hormel Cure 81 Classic Dinner Ham

  • Whole Cloves


  • Place the ham in a baking pan; add an inch of water
  • Using a knife slightly slit the top of the ham to make angle design, according to the photo
  • Take whole cloves and poke each corner of the diamond design
  • Cover ham with parchment, then foil, tightly secured around the edge of the pan
  • Bake @ 350 degrees for 3 hours

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