Homemade Dinner Rolls

Homemade Dinner Rolls

Recipe by Barbara Bach


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I only made 1/2 batch. Adapted from thestayathomechef.com


  • 1 Cup of warm Milk

  • 1 TBLS Yeast

  • 1/8 Cup of Sugar

  • 1 tsp. Salt

  • 3 TBLS melted Butter

  • 1 beaten Egg

  • 3 Cups of Flour

  • 2 extra TBLS melted Butter


  • Mix by hand or use dough hook & mixture when combine warm milk (microwave 45 secs), yeast, sugar, butter, and beaten egg.
  • Add 3 scant cups of flour, gradually
  • Let raise in an oiled bowl, covered with wrap, for 90 minutes
  • Punch down and make 12-15 dough balls and place on a greased cookie sheet (if you want smaller rolls make smaller balls)
  • Cover with greased (I spray wax paper with olive oil so does not stick to rolls) waxed paper or wrap and let raise for 60 minutes
  • Bake @375 degrees for 12-14 minutes until browned on top and bottom
  • Brush with melted butter and serve hot or let cool before storing them in freezer bags

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