Is That All There Is?

I was excited for Randall and me to fly to Calgary AB Canada to attend the Pentecostal World Conference. We had never been to Calgary nor to one of the Pentecostal World Conferences, held all over the world the last 25 years.

I went expecting and waiting to hear a word from the Holy Spirit, just for me. We had flown all day and the first meeting of the conference was to be that night. The day ended up being a lot of waiting at the Calgary airport for transportation that had been arranged for us. There were a lot of apologies because of our 3 hour wait at the airport. We finally arrived at our hotel room just in time to unpack, iron, and eat a quick bite from room service, since we knew nothing about the city, yet, to know where to go to eat.

There we were at the first service. Remember, I went expecting. In the middle of service I thought to myself, “Is that all there is?” By the time I got to bed I was dreading the rest of the conference. However, I had to assess my issue of being tired. I awoke rested and was excited to get ready for a long day that included all day and night meetings and a dinner meeting with good friends; they were the ones who encouraged us to attend in the first place. We had a great time enjoying each others’ company and went to the night service from there.

The worship was refreshing and, again, I asked the Holy Spirit to speak a Word. The theme of the conference was, Spirit Now. Each day was a different subject on experiencing the Spirit. This night was focusing on His Presence! We need to continue to seek the Holy Spirit in our daily walk, but seeking Him to just be in His presence is of value, not because we have need.

There it was! Questions the Holy Spirit was asking me:

  1. What is our Purpose for inviting the Spirit into our lives?
  2. Is it just to experience His Presence? To FEEL good?
  3. Is it to ask for Power to give inner strength?
  4. Is it for Power because of our weakness?

What is our Purpose?

Our Purpose is to invite the Holy Spirit and God’s Presence into our lives for: “God to ‘Show His Glory!’ through our lives!”


I also attended a break-out session called:

Practice His Presence…Naturally/Supernaturally

Living in the Natural is Limited….

Living in the Supernatural is Unlimited…..

One of the speakers shared her experience of living day-to-day life and allowing the Spirit to help her focus between the natural realm and Spiritual realm. After sharing she had us break up into small groups and talk about what we learned, then give ideas on how we can live our lives in the Natural; Supernaturally.

We came up with 6 things (a little bit of Barbara thrown into these, since I was the note taker) :

1. We live in two Realms: Natural/Supernatural

2. Pray for divine moments wherever we are each day:

Be Ready/Be Prepared….

3. Living Supernaturally takes:

Practice…..Lifestyle…..Be Intentional

4. Be aware of the Holy Spirit speaking…..Be still to listen….

5. Believe for unlimited work….

6. Keep our eyes lifted to His light so we reflect Jesus…..carry His presence and the Spirit will bring divine moments into our path…


I asked God to show me how I can live out my life for a greater Purpose than what I am now doing. I am reigniting my Passions that seem to parallel the gifts God has given me.

Three things that I’m choosing to be more intentional about:

  1. Cooking; making meals to bless those in need or just to bless someone
  2. Photography; making myself available to capture special moments of events.
  3. LOOK UPWARD; LOOK INWARD; LOOK OUTWARD and occupy, making myself available to be used.

What is your passion? Gifts? What is God asking of you to live intentionally to bring Him glory? Let’s believe for more divine moments. Let’s be available to, “Hear what the Spirit says.” The Spirit lives within us to, “Show God’s Glory, to a heart-sick world.

Thank you for your heart for God and being an encouragement to whomever you come in contact.

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