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Meet My Friend, Amy…

I have such fond memories when I met Amy Flattery in Israel on a tour in connection with the Ministry of Tourism and National Association of Evangelicals denominational leaders and wives.

I will never forget the day we went to the Western Wall. I was overcome with emotion. All of a sudden there was a firm arm around me that was so warm and loving. It was Amy! I felt her love and compassion and we were “sisters” from then on.

Amy’s gift of teaching and warm, caring personality is why I would recommend anyone to sign up for a tour to Israel, including a tour just for women, with Amy.

Amy Flattery


Amy grew up in Lynden, Washington. She attended Calvin College receiving a BA in Biblical Studies and Theology. After finishing college in 1997, she moved to Jerusalem, Israel, to attend Jerusalem University College. While there she pursued her MA at Jerusalem University College. Her area of study was in New Testament Backgrounds/Jewish History of the Second Temple Period. Amy lived in Israel for a total of 6 years, and two of their three children were born while living in Israel. After living in Israel, she moved with her family to Belgium where she taught classes at Continental Theological Seminary. After departing Continental, she moved to Springfield, Missouri, where she now works full time for the Center for Holy Lands Studies as the Director.

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